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Market Updates: Earnings Reports, Key Events, and Opportunities

Good morning! Today, let’s take a look at some key events and information in the market. Several companies, including GM, Verizon, 3M, GE, Spotify, Alaskan Airlines, and NextEra Energy, are set to release their earnings reports soon.

Market Drama and Data Impact

Yesterday, the market experienced some drama. Wheat and corn prices increased due to an attack on a Ukrainian river port. Additionally, the PMI data came in worse than expected, particularly regarding prices paid. This had an impact on Fed Futures, causing a decrease in rate cut expectations.

Upcoming Data and Ongoing Debate

Tomorrow, we can expect more data on retail sales, house prices, consumer confidence, and the Richmond Fed. On Wednesday, Jerome Powell will be speaking, and there is ongoing debate on whether the next rate hike will be the final one. The market believes there will be at least one more hike, but the Fed has a different perspective.

Earnings Reports and Market Value

Earnings reports are a major focus this week, with Whirlpool, Telecom, Autos, 3M, and tech companies set to announce their results. The earnings reports of Microsoft, Alphabet, and Snap are particularly important, as they can heavily influence the market value of other companies.

Caution and Potential Opportunities

Despite some market decline, put options didn’t perform as expected. Moving forward, caution is advised regarding premiums. Positions in Microsoft and Alphabet will be closed tomorrow, depending on their performance. Overall, this week promises to be eventful, with earnings reports and important market indicators.

In tomorrow’s plays, there are three stocks of interest. First, there’s Enz, a company with an unusual situation. They recently announced the sale of one of their units for $115 million, which is more than their market cap of $76 million. However, Enz also has significant debt and a high quarterly burn rate. It may be a hype play, but the risk is high.

Next, there’s Intel. Investors have bought shares in anticipation of positive news regarding their AI capabilities. The earnings report is scheduled for Thursday, and decisions about selling will be made based on the outcome.

Lastly, there’s a potential opportunity in the corn or wheat market. Some profits have already been made from corn, but there’s still potential for gains if you’re willing to take risks. Wheat has been more volatile and has been moving upwards. One should also keep an eye on the Nyco, which experienced volatility due to inflation concerns.

Staying Engaged and Maintaining a Positive Mindset

Remember to focus on your plan and stick to it. With many upcoming events like earnings reports and central bank meetings, it’s crucial to stay engaged and maintain a positive mindset. Have a great day!


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