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Stock Market Update: Key Events to Watch Out for This Week

The stock market can be a highly unpredictable domain, and this week brings several significant events that investors should keep an eye on. From updates on refunding and economic data to central bank meetings in Canada and Australia, it’s essential to remain informed and take a strategic approach to your portfolio. Read on to learn more about the latest stock market trends and news in this week’s update.

Debt Ceiling Signed by President – No Need to Worry about Government Default

Last week, President Biden signed the debt ceiling, reassuring investors about a potential government default. With this out of the way, there will be one less thing for investors to worry about as they navigate the unpredictable stock market landscape.

Updates on Refunding and Economic Data

This week will also see updates on refunding, an important event that involves selling new government bonds to finance maturing bonds. Additionally, economic data could have an impact on both bonds and equities, potentially leading to changes in the market relationship between the two. With this in mind, investors should stay informed and keep an eye on economic trends and data.

Central Bank Meetings in Canada and Australia

On Tuesday and Wednesday, central bank meetings in Canada and Australia are expected to take place, which could significantly impact the stock market. As these meetings occur, investors should remain attentive to any announcements and changes as they happen.

The Impact of OPEC’s Decision on Market Futures

In other news, OPEC recently announced that they will be reducing an extra one million barrels of oil until 2024. This decision could potentially affect market futures, particularly after Powell. Two stocks to keep an eye on this week are ETRN, a company related to the debt ceiling, and MPW.

The S&P 500 Reaches a New High

Last week, the S&P 500 hit a new high, reaching a level of 430. This level is critical because it could trigger another wave of market movements. Additionally, last Friday saw a 6% drop in regional communications affecting even mega-cap leaders such as Nvidia and Apple that weren’t immune to the market downturn. While Apple is expected to unveil a new virtual reality headset at their WWDC event, the reception of this announcement could result in a stock sell-off or a breakout.


This week brings a range of significant events for investors to keep an eye on. From central bank meetings to updates on refunding and economic data, it’s essential to remain up-to-date on all the latest happenings and take a strategic approach to your portfolio. By staying informed and keeping an eye on market trends, investors can build a solid foundation for their long-term investment goals. Remember to take calculated risks, stay alert, and stay ahead of the curve in these unpredictable times.

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